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Matthew Michael Plaza composer producer musician pianist freelance chicago skyscrapers skyline


           MATTHEW PLAZA  

"To me, music symbolizes the beautiful triumph of humanity. When we come together as brothers and sisters of a shared passion or goal, we accomplish amazing and beautiful feats which demonstrate the creative power of the human will.

"There are moments when a piece ends and you find yourself brought into another universe, only to realize that is the beauty these composers are so gifted to perceive in our real world- that we live in that beautiful universe.

"There is so much more to life than human fame and glory. We are merely fragile beings, clinging to a rock in space; we cling to our fate. Thus, the role of the artist is so much more than to serve humanity, the notorious violators of the natural order… It is to connect humanity with something that is much greater, higher, and everlasting than ourselves.​"

   - Matthew Plaza

Matthew Plaza is a freelance composer, producer, and classical keyboardist currently based in Northern Arizona and previously based in London, United Kingdom and Berlin, Germany. Fervently dedicated to creating and performing art which speaks to a wide audience and captures the essence of our time, he enjoys composing music which is accessible and which aims to produce a positive influence. His music, while rooted in classical tradition, encompasses a wide array of styles and genres: from neo-baroque to contemporary styles, from acoustic to electronic genres, and from works for solo instruments and voice to works for chorus and contemporary orchestra. Additionally, he has drawn largely upon literary inspiration, setting texts from inspiring intellectuals and spiritualists such as Walt Whitman and Hildegard von Bingen, and is also driven to intertwine his own personal spirituality, philosophy, and life experiences into his music. In 2019, he received recognition for his scoring of Why She Smiles, a documentary film which has won numerous awards including Festigious Film Festival's Best Picture. Plaza has received the mentorship of numerous meritable composers, including that of an intensive composition program taught by composers from across the U.S. and France- the European American Musical Alliance, and including lessons with former Stravinsky and Messiaen pupil, Michel Merlet, winner of the 1966 Prix de Rome. Matthew Plaza received his Bachelor of Music degree in Music Composition from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where he studied for four years under the mentorship of Dr. David Conte, Composition Chair, who was one of the last students of the famed Nadia Boulanger. ​

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